Baird’s Fixed Income Sales & Trading professionals deliver precise trade execution, timely analysis and unique insights from our team of tenured product specialists. Our team of seasoned sales, trading and analytical professionals have deep expertise in a range of products, specialising in corporate credit (high-yield/distressed and investment grade), government and agency, municipal, and securitised products. We’ve strategically expanded our product expertise, offerings and reach to serve clients and institutional investors in the U.K. and U.S.

Our U.K.-based professionals specialise in Collateralised Loan Obligations and structured products. Our experienced team of professionals use a client-focused approach, stressing the important of meeting the individual client needs and deepening relationships. Our platform pairs strong calls into major institutional players with a unique connectivity to downstream regional investors. We are dedicated to growing our relationships with banks, credit unions and non-U.S. institutions to continue providing a full-service platform.


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