Baird’s Fixed Income Sales & Trading professionals deliver precise trade execution, timely analysis and unique insights from our team of long-tenured product specialists. We’ve strategically expanded our product expertise, offerings and reach to serve clients and institutional investors in the U.K. and U.S.

Our team has deep expertise in a range of products, including corporate credit (high-yield/distressed and investment grade), government and agency, municipal and securitised products.

Our U.K.-based professionals specialise in Collateralised Loan Obligations and structured products.

Securitised Products

  • Averaged $8.5 billion in monthly trading volume in 2022, including over $15 billion in CLO notional traded 2021-2022.
  • A strategy and portfolio analytics team providing customized portfolio review and regular market commentary
  • Filling the liquidity void, efficiently deploying capital in the securitized products sector
  • Industry-recognised traders joining Baird since 2017, enhancing Baird’s expertise and capabilities across products
  • Products include: Asset-Backed Securities, Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities, Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities, Collateralised Loan & Debt Obligations, Enhanced Equipment Trust Certificates, Whole Loan & Financing, Agency Pass-Throughs - Specified Pools, Agency CMOs & Derivatives, Agency Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities